The Quick Fox & The Lazy Dog

Commissioned byBALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
CollaboratorsBALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, University of Sunderland Foundation Art & Design, MA(RCA)/MSc Innovation Design Engineering, The Royal College of Art/Imperial College London

Foundation Press dive deep into BALTIC’s archive to unbox printed ephemera revealing the origins of the BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art's original branding. Selecting material to remix and represent, using a set of 10 specially-written creative games as a framework, they will create an expanded zine installation presented within BALTIC Library.

This newsletter compiles a selection of creative responses to these games made by students from University of Sunderland’s Foundation Art & Design programme and also students from MA(RCA)/MSc Innovation Design Engineering, The Royal College of Art/Imperial College London: Georgie Donkin, Raegan Robson, Libby Afsahi, Alise Aldersone, Maddy Bays, Laura Clark, Josh Crulley, Kimia Daneshi, Frances Fletcher, Shannon Millen, Chloe Nesbitt, Jing Liau, Ori Blich, Chris Chen, Nirmal Thomas, Grace Louise Duan, Linxi Cao, Barna Soma Biro, Selene Sarı, Hunaid Nagaria, Chloe So, Bingqin Yang, Priyanshu Mukhopadhyay, William Eliot, Elizabeth Lee, Fergus Laidlaw, Jasper Mallinson, Valeria Martinelli, Tunmise Otegbayo, Orestis Neokleous, Irene jia, Sebastian Tam, Sachin Mehra, Lyla Xing, Daniel Hale, Chris Chen, James Williams, Bingqin Yang, Elizabeth Lee, Felix Chen, Hunaid Nagaria, Summer Chen, Linxi Cao, Otegbaayo Tunmise David, Juan Ignacio Rion, Rui Ma, Selene Sari, Eden Harrison, William Eliot, Lyla Xing, Benjamin Williams, Zihao Guo, Mona Daud, Yanan Guo. Additional contributions were added by Alexandra Hughes, Matthew Stalker, Christo Wallers, Arlo Fleming, Oscar Fleming and Ilana Mitchell.

Foundation Press would like to thank all the participants who contributed creative work to this project. We are also grateful for the support of Sarah Bouttell, Henrik Nygren & Greger Ulf Nilson. Commissioned by BALTIC.