Pocket Parkland Playbook

PartnersThe Bowes Museum

We asked people to suggest games and ideas to try when exploring The Bowes Museum parkland. This little book brings together a selection of these suggestions for outdoor play.

Many of these ideas come from children. Kids are experts at making something from nothing. With a smidge of imagination or a handful of rules, children are adept at building worlds and whiling away the hours. Many suggestions also come from adults and offer alternative ways of being outdoors, tricks for giving yourself the license to relax and have fun, or tools for seeing things differently.

The parkland surrounding The Bowes Museum is yours to visit and enjoy and all these activities are free to try (although you might need to find your own Lego or remote-controlled helicopters!).

We hope you enjoy reading these ideas and they provoke your own new ways of moving, making, drawing, exploring, storytelling, being and imagining.

Featuring contributions from: Aaron, Adam, Agnes, Albie, Ali, Arlo, Asia, Ava Grace, Ayaan, Bessan, Callum, Callum, Catalin, Clare McGrath, Daniel, Daniella, Elodie, Emily, Fabio, Freya, Gill Phillips, Harry Temby, Hayden, Heather, Helen Wild, Jean Noblett, Joanne Saint, Louis, Lucas, Maisie, Mardien, Nicholas Saint, Nina, Noble, Olly, Omar, Opal, Oscar, Phoebe Kay, Rachel Kelly, Richard James Hall, Rosina, Gallagher, Rowan West, Ruqayyah, Saba, Safi, Sahil, Samuel, Santiago, Sinit, Stephen, Taylor, Tim, Tulisa, Kirby, Ummi, Victoria Clark, Vivian, Willow, Yab. With additional thanks to everyone else who also contributed ideas but are not listed above.