Issue Zero edit

ParticipantsIndia Hibbs, Aidan Knowles-Levitt, Leah Lowe, Amy McCartney, Hannah McKevitt, Rosie Minney, Liz Oughton, Ellie Prime, Sarah Rimington, Marcia Devana, Neeshar Richardson, Eve Jones, Anthony Tubby, Janice Downs, John Iveson, Hermione McNamara, Emma Morris
CommissionerSelf-Publishing Lab, University of Sunderland
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Issue Zero* is a workshop about self-publishing and appreciating your own individual interests. By the end of the workshop, you will have imagined a magazine cover of your own making, designed a mock-up front cover, and written a short editorial statement summing up what it’s about.

Issue Zero is also an ongoing archive of imagined magazines, you are invited to add to the collection through participating in this workshop. A printed version of the book will be available until March 31st 2022 through our Shop.

Work Is The Only Rule is an ongoing series of books published by Foundation Press. Each book documents a different creative workshop, sharing examples of work made by participants and sharing the stages should you want to try it yourself. The title of the series features a misremembered line from Sister Corita Kent’s Rule and Hints for Students and Teachers, written with her class at Immaculate Heart College in 1965.

*Issue Zero: A journal or publication which is intended to become a series – a pilot publishing project.