And I wonder if maybe (a zine for our friend Joe)


We invite you to add your voice and help us collate a zine for Joe Woodhouse (1971-2022)*. An act of investigative Joe-nalism, if you will. Please send us your responses to one (or more) of the following tasks:

A. In no more than 500 words, recount a memory of Joe that stands out to you. If you feel so inclined, produce an illustration to accompany this tale.

B. Send us a photograph of Joe. Please include a sentence describing when / where it was taken and any interesting details.

C. (This one’s just for the Foundation family). Share a photograph of something you made on the Foundation course with Joe. Tell us what you remember about it.

D. Share a recent artwork you have made which you think Joe would have appreciated. Tell us a little bit about it.

(The term artwork can be interpreted loosely. Please note we are not asking for artworks of Joe.)

E. Propose a creative workshop which you think Joe would have liked. (This could be a task that got you through lockdown, an unrealistic/absurd act, something small-scale or an amazing learning experience you remember/experienced.)

F. Share a message about what Joe meant to you in any medium of your choosing.

*Foundation Press, message posted 14 April 2022.

Featuring contributions from: Abigail Evans, Adam Phillips, Adam Shield, Alex Bushell, Alison Diamond, Benji Spence, Chloe Briggs, Dan Holdsworth, Deborah Bower, Eleanor Linkleter, Elle Haswell, Emma Tominey, Emily Kitching, Erin Blamire, Eve Cromwell, Faythe Lockwood, Fleur Erichsen, George Gibson, Graham Mitchinson, Hannah Gawne, Izzy Kroese, James Hutchinson, Jeffrey Sarmiento, Jenny McNamara, Joan Beadle, Jo Howell, Kirsty Palmer-Kay, Lesley Christie, Lauren McCaughey, Lily Kroese, Matthew Burdis, Mike Collier, Natalie Gale, Natalie Martin, Nikki Brewster, Oscar Hutchinson, Patrick Drought, Rob Smith, Rosie Callaghan, Sean Kaye, Sophie Buxton, Sophie Gray, Stephen Palmer, Susan M. Coles, Thomas Whittle, Tom Madge.