Things To Do

Things To Do is an ongoing series of creative task sheets, started during lockdown in 2020. Click on an image below to see the full explanation and for examples of responses. In 2022 we commissioned a number of Things To Do activities designed by other artists including Chloe Briggs, Ciara Phillips, Paul Becker, Glasgow Open Dance School, Kate Owens, The Big Family Press, Katie Schwab, Nicola Singh and Temporary Services.

CategoriesWorkshop, Poster
Year2020 [– ongoing]
CollaboratorsCiara Phillips, Katie Schwab, Nicola Singh, Chloe Briggs, Paul Becker, G.O.D.S, Marc Fischer & Brett Bloom (Temporary Services), Kate Owens, The Big Family Press, Oscar & Arlo Fleming
Further ReadingRead more in MIMAZINA

This project began as part of our ongoing community journal MIMAZINA, made with MIMA (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art). Each proposed creative task was presented as an article but also informed the look and feel of that particular issue.

In 2022 we worked with MIMA to present a series of Things To Do's from guest artists. As part of this process we curated a number of online workshop events led by Ciara Phillips, Katie Schwab, Kate Owens and Temporary Services.

In summer 2022 we will be making an anthology of these Things To Do – designed as a special publication.