Doggerbank Wallpapers

This project worked with children from SS Peter & Paul RC Primary School in South Shields to develop 3 collaborative risograph-printed wallpaper designs for the headquarters of Doggerbank Wind Farm. Dogger Bank Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm located between 130km and 190km from the North East coast of England at their nearest points. Collectively they will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm with a headquarters in Port of Tyne. Through working with Year 3 and 4 children we explored the idea of wind power from different angles – combining imaginary and factual representations to different effect.

PartnersGallagher & Turner, Doggerbank Wind Farm / Equinor, SS Peter & Paul Primary School

The 3 designs (loosely titled 'Directions', 'Turbines' and 'Port') explored questions including; What does the wind look like? What boats build the world's largest wind farm? How does Doggerbank relate to the history of the Port of Tyne?

This project was commissioned by Doggerbank Wind Farm/Equinor, Gallagher & Turner. It was produced by Rosie Morris. The installation was done by Rosie Morris, Katy Cole, Deborah Bower and Mat Fleming.