Colour Experiment

Colour Experiment was a 3-day performance within the gallery and spaces around Chapter Art Centre as part of the group show ‘These Rotten Words’. The performance took as its departure point ‘The Colour Experiment’, a series of workshops ran by artist Tom Hudson at Cardiff College of Art in the late 1960s. Working outwards from documentation of these humorous and performative art workshops, a series of games, provocations and graphic responses were tested out.

Stills taken from documentation of The Colour Experiment, Cardiff School of Art (1968)
CollaboratorsAlex Bushell, Natalie Martin, Eleanor Linkleter, Georgie Robinson, Maria Iancu, Olivia Fryer
CommissionersCHAPTER Arts Centre

This performance coincided with EXPERIMENTICA festival – a live art festival which happens every year in Cardiff.

Following a number of intital research meetings Foundation Press devised an initial inventory of actions exploring colour as a ’secret language’. These were refined into a poster – which served as a roster for activities over the course of the event.

Foundation Press also contributed the graphic identity for the group exhibition ‘These Rotten Words’. The press trialled possible graphic identities for the exhibition as a group – refining a set of design ideas into a poster and booklet. Students participating in the Colour Experiment were: Alex Bushell, Olivia Fryer, Maria Iancu, Eleanor Linkleter, Natalie Martin and Georgie Robinson alongside Adam Phillips, Deborah Bower and Joe Woodhouse. These Rotten Words was curated by George Vasey. Documentation of Tom Hudson's workshop was provided courtesy of the National Arts Education Archive, Yorkshire Sculpture Park.