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FOUNDATION PRESS, WALLPAPER WEEKENDER as part of ArtHouses, Friday 16 – Sunday 18 August 2019, Whitley Bay.
PRESS RELEASE: 'Inspired by the Arthouses event and the area around Victoria Avenue, Foundation Press will be working throughout the weekend, collaborating with residents and utilising a cut and paste design approach to create a series of ’site-specific’ wallpaper designs'. 

'Working from a temporary studio set up in The Big Local at the former job centre – over the course of the weekend the windows of the building will gradually fill up with a changing display of prototype risograph patterns. Copies will be given to co-workers and visitors, in the hope that these designs may find homes in more domestic settings'. 

Over the course of the weekend we delivered two workshops assisting residents of Whitley Bay to make their own wallpapers – we completed the Wallpaper Weekender by creating 'Victoria Avenue', a modular wallpaper design made up of 24 interchangeable panels. This final wallpaper design was given away to visitors.