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TRIAL SEPARATIONS was a workshop ran with Foundation/Extended Art & Design students at University of Sunderland in June 2018.

The workshop created a new 50 page book containing 37 objects, each printed in a unique way using risograph. Inspired by books,  like Neil MacGregor's A History Of The World In 1O0 Objects and Martino Gamper's Design Is A State Of Mind, the workshop created an archive of objects representing our foundation year group 2017-18. 

The title of the workshop refers both to the end of an intense year working together, a final catalogue of sorts, and also the experimental separation print process used to recreate each object in print.

TRIAL SEPARATIONS was made by Rebecca Aitken, Andrew Barge, Kelly Dunlop, Franceska Fraser, Gemma Kelly, Adam Phillips, Hollie Sayer-Smith, Rachel Scrivens, Georgia Stoddart, Alexandra Warren.

The project was supported by The Robson Real World Experience Fund, University of Sunderland