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MARCH 2017

Colour Experiment was a 3-day workshop which functioned as a live artwork within the gallery and spaces around Chapter Art Centre as part of the group show ‘These Rotten Words’.

The workshop took as its departure point ‘The Colour Experiment’, a series of workshops ran by artist Tom Hudson at Cardiff College of Art in the late 1960s (Hudson also attended sunderland school of art as a student). Working outwards from documentation of these radical and performative art workshops, a series of games, performances and graphic responses were tested out over the duration of the ‘Experimentica 2017’ festival.

Following a number of research meetings the press devised an initial inventory of actions exploring colour as a ’secret language’.

The press also contributed the graphic identity for the group exhibition ‘These Rotten Words’. The press trialled possible graphic identities for the exhibition as a group – refining a set of design ideas into a poster and booklet.

These actions were enacted, edited and added to over 3 days. Students participating in the Colour Experiment were: Alex Bushell, Olivia Fryer, Maria Iancu, Eleanor Linkleter, Natalie Martin and Georgie Robinson.