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This one-day workshop, as part of Anne-James Chaton's residency in the press in July 2017, challenged participants to create a portrait of Sunderland using content found around the city centre. Informed by Anne-James Chaton’s approach to constructing poetry from what he describes as ‘poor literature’, participants created their own experimental risograph prints after a walk across Sunderland city centre collecting fragments of language they found interesting.

Anne-James Chaton has developed an intermedia body of work, based on a close study of the textual materials which make up the everyday life of contemporary society. Everyday printed ephemera – bank slips, shopping receipts, promotional flyers, customer loyalty cards, business cards, bus, train and metro tickets – often provides the source of Anne-James’ quests into sound, poetry and visual art, which he develops through solo projects and in collaboration with artists from diverse fields.

Participants collated the groups' prints into a limited edition publication, each publication was ordered according to the preference of the individual making it – with 18 copies produced, one for each participant.

The day culminated in a live performance by Anne-James Chaton where he demonstrated his collage approach in a live set at Pop Recs Ltd.

During his residency Anne-James also produced two limited edition wallpapers made up of content taken from receipts from items bought across the northeast during his stay.

World is Sudden: Summer Lab was a 7-day summer school programmed and organised by Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects. The summer lab invited international artists, performers, musicians, designers and dancers to make artworks in the urban and natural environments of the Northeast region and to propose new ways of discovering the area as a continuum, without divisions between nature and culture, city and countryside, street and path, local and foreigner, human and animal, day and night. Invited artists have created a series of day-long projects which fuse interdisciplinary experiences to each reflect upon a different host venue and their different role as a cultural producer in our region. Participants of the Summer Lab are invited to discover other forms of being, hearing, touching, tasting and seeing the world.