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'Join us for a fun, informal workshop  collaboratively designing printed posters for upcoming gigs and events at Pop Recs Ltd. Inspired by simple but iconic text posters like those made by Colby Poster Printing Co in L.A – Foundation Press will print a new set of posters exploring the colour blending possibilities of risograph printers and hand-made experimental typefaces. We invite you to work with us. No previous design experience or preparation is necessary. It’s free and open to all! We will create hand-made letter sets, using a cut ‘n’ paste method with photocopies, glue and scissors. We will also make printing templates for the poster backgrounds using geometric shapes, patterns and colour blends.'

For this project Foundation Press were: Georgia Stoddart, Chris Alston, Karis Upton, Luke Mullen, Freya Dooley, Deborah Bower, Joe Woodhouse, Evelyn Cromwell, Jenny McNamara, Phoebe Davies, Adam Phillips, Ed Lawrenson, Katie Elizabeth, Martha Jackson, Helen Shaddock.