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December 2017 (ONGOING)

Found Object is a series of printed posters which combine a photograph provided by a visual artist with a text response produced by an emerging writer living in the north east of England. The first three issues invite artists who have previously exhibited at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland – asking them to share intriguing items they have found and brought into their studio. Authors from the group Holmeside Writers – who meet twice a month in Sunderland city centre (and welcome writers of all levels of experience, from complete beginners to published writers) were commissioned to create texts inspired by the photographs.


Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art is a public gallery that has been based in Sunderland since 1969 and will reopen with a dramatic new space inside National Glass Centre in Spring 2018. The gallery has given the first UK shows to international artists from Cory Arcangel to Harun Farocki. Artists contributing images to Found Object include Ruth Ewan, Thomas Whittle, Yelena Popova and Jonathan Baldock.


Copies are available to collect free of charge from a number of cafes, museums, bars and venues across the northeast. If you can't find a copy and would like a set please email and we'll post you some copies!



Each Found Object poster was beautifully designed by Sam Watson (OPEN-AIR).