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In February 2020, we were commissioned by BALTIC to collaborate with participants at The Comfrey Project. The Comfrey Project is a charity which works with refugees and people seeking asylum at our centre in Windmill Hills, Gateshead. The organisation often focuses upon shared creative crafts including allotment gardening, cooking and crafts. 


Through informal workshops and conversations we collaboratively produced a Comfrey Project typeface as well as a number of unique repeat patterns. Each pattern took as its starting point, a personal story from a participant. You can read these stories by CLICKING HERE. 

The project was commissioned as  part of BALTIC's Self Publisher's Market 2020, which was sadly cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic. You can discover more about all the artists and publishers involved in this event by ordering a copy of S.P.A.M Spreads – a publication creatively produced in place of the event. READ MORE ABOUT THIS HERE. 



Our sincerest thanks to all the participants, especially Yusuf, Florence, Ilyas, Reza and Yvette – who produced final pattern designs. We are also indebted to Eleni, Kath and all the volunteers at The Comfrey Project. Our thanks also to Annie Bedford and Sarah Bouttell from BALTIC for their help and for asking us to be involved.