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Black Path Press is a community publishing project, producing books with people in South Bank, Middlesbrough, UK; an area surrounding the historical route known as the ‘Black Path’. 

The subjects covered in the books are varied, exploring South Bank and The Black Path from different perspectives, looking at the past as well as the present and future. 

Image courtesy of Eric Taylor

Together, these books will form a collective document of the area – given to local libraries, museums and individuals living in and around South Bank. They will also serve as a research and design tool for a public artwork, called NOTES ON THE BLACK PATH, designed by Foundation Press, on a piece of 100m wall – opening on Saturday 26th October 2019. 

A printing press has been set-up especially for the project, with an MZ770E risograph printer installed at Golden Boy Green Community Centre, Normanby Road, South Bank in March 2019. Black Path Press will make as many books as possible over the course of 2019. A number of public events will accompany the workshops and book making activities. 

Image courtesy of Patrick Mackin

Approaches to books and workshops include: transcribed conversations, sharing archival content, creating images, patterns and typefaces collaboratively, individual artist commissions... 

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A Great Place Tees Valley project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Arts Council England National Lottery Projects.