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JUNE 2016 AND MAY 2017

Unbound is an ongoing series of print performances developed specifically for bookshops and bookfairs by Foundation Press. Each Unbound event uses risograph printing to expand on imagery and ideas present in an artist’s work. Over the course of one day, a printed set is created to house a one-off performance.

Unbound #5: Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects

Unbound #4: Rachel Aggs

Unbound #3: Chooc Ly Tan (DJ Spacer Woman)

Unbound #2: Zasso Fukei

Unbound #1: Nicola Singh

Foundation Press for Unbound were: Benji Spence, Sarah Parker, Lorraine Lawler, Ashleigh Swain, Lauren McCaughey, Katie Stephenson, Alex Bushell, Lily Kroese, Manika Kaur, Natalie Gale, Adam Phillips, Deborah Bower, Joe Woodhouse, Rachel Aggs, Nicola Singh, Ant Macari, Chooc Ly Tan, Giles Bailey, Dawn Bothwell, Kelly Dunlop, Gemma Kelly, Andrew Barge, Hollie Sayer-Smith, Georgia Stoddart, Alex Warren, Paul Stewart.