Work Is The Only Rule #2: Right On



Work Is The Only Rule #2: Right On, shares texts and drawings made in January 2018, as part of a workshop devised and led by Thomas Whittle. Participants generated texts and drawings through fast-paced exercises, passing images and written passages to the person on their right – to add, alter and create new content.

Right On was a workshop with Ellise Adams, Katy Armstrong, Andrew Barge, Kelly Dunlop, Franceska Fraser, Sarah Hughes, Alessandro Patella, Adam Phillips, Ana Taylor, Anna Waller, Alexandra Warren, Thomas Whittle.

Work Is The Only Rule, is an ongoing series of books published by Foundation Press, documenting workshops led by artists and sharing material made by participants. The series borrows a line from from Sister Corita Kent’s Rules and Hints for Students and Teachers, written with her class at Immaculate Heart College in 1965.

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