Work Is The Only Rule #1: The Eclipse (2018)



Work Is The Only Rule, is an ongoing series of publications published by Foundation Press, documenting workshops
led by artists and sharing material made by participants. The series borrows a line from from Sister Corita Kent’s Rules and Hints for Students and Teachers, written with her class at Immaculate Heart College in 1965.

Work Is The Only Rule: The Eclipse, shares texts created in a workshop devised by Francesco Pedraglio and led by Paul Becker. The book features texts written by Abby Ollett, Aidan Knowles-Levitt, Artemis Louka, Celia Bickersteth, Emma Watson, Imogene Olive, Gina Bowlby, Isabel Garfield, Kasia Grzelak, Isabelle Kennigham, Roberto de Abreu Preciosa, Stela Brix, Sarah Rimington, Susie Davies, Martin Eccles, Alexia Gilbert, George Greenhill, Alice Rout.

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