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• Foundation Press are Deborah Bower, Adam Phillips and Joe Woodhouse, developing design/editorial projects collaborating with students, visiting artists, communities and individuals. 
• We use the idea of the ‘printing press’ loosely, working in different mediums and locations – to us, the press is a space where different conversations and voices take shape within set parameters and timeframes.  
• Most commonly we utilise risograph printing, poster-design and bookmaking – we find that these processes offer accessible, quick and dialogue-rich ways of working. 
• Foundation Press was originally formed by teaching staff from (and takes its name from) the Foundation Art & Design programme at University of Sunderland. Our projects therefore, have characteristics associated with Foundation Art & Design teaching/learning – we work across disciplines, within set timeframes, frequently collaboratively, often using simple materials or instructions as a starting point. 
• Over a number of years the press has continued to operate within the educational sector, but also (increasingly so) outside of this field, with different community groups, galleries and individuals – exploring an art practice built around site-specific briefs or questions. 
• Artworks made by Foundation Press might include workshops or teaching exercises or murals or books or posters or exhibitions or graphic design identities or other things we haven't thought of.

• We are always happy to speak about potential future projects, collaborations or to offer any advice you feel we might be able to help with. Please contact us via the email above. 

* Please note we are not a print shop or commercial printers. If you require small-scale riso printing – we may be able to provide this if our schedules are clear and we feel that your activity fits the ethos and efforts of Foundation Press. If your project can be supported we will develop a bespoke quote for you based upon the specifics of what you need, this quote will be administered through University of Sunderland.