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64 page risographed book, printed on 120 gsm Cairn Straw with 270gsm Gun Metal Mirri Card,  190 mm x 240 mm

CATALOGUE is the exhibition catalogue for EXHIBITION. EXHIBITION is a group show featuring Cara Tolmie, Henry Coombes, Ian Breakwell & Mike Leggett, Josephine Flynn, Keith Farquhar, Matthew Crawley, Susie Green and Tim Etchells, curated by CIRCA Project at Workplace Gallery (Jan 9 – Feb 21 2015).

CATALOGUE includes contributions from all the artists involved in the group show, forming an extension of the physical exhibition and offering insight into artists’ working practices. Contents include a selection of Henry Coombes’ previously unpublished poetry, a business card by Matthew Crawley as well as Susie Green’s iPhone Notes.

CATALOGUE is published by CIRCA Projects, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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cAT1cAT1BcAT2CAT3cat4CAT5Building on the success of the publication produced for the final exhibition in 2012, students from the 2012 13 year formed a catalogue committee and developed the publication for 2013 as a live project. All students were invited to submit text and an image on a selected project from their experience of the foundation year, with the student-led committee making editorial decisions on extra copy and elements of the design. The catalogue for 2013 is printed in two colour Risograph with a contrasting card cover; produced, folded and bound in house. The lively publication also includes original articles, specially designed motifs (including the Foundation Press logo) a comic strip and an individually numbered photographic edition created within the study visit to Berlin.

Committee members for 2013 were Charlotte Ramsay, Nikki Brewster, Tom Jordan, Alice Downing, Kristian Thomassen.


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Zine1Zine2Zine3Zine4Zine5Zine7An American Dream was the result of a photographic project by Charlotte Swindell. The project utilised Google Earth to explore areas of America and in doing so gain a perspective on the conventions of traditional documentary processes alongside the pervasiveness of mapping technology and new media. The resulting images offer voyeuristic insights into broader society with the pixelated areas erasing the identity of the subjects heightening a dreamlike sense of alienation.

The works were translated into a series of three publications, each offering a view on a separate location in America. The three publications together form an edition in red, white and blue.

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Nikki1Nikki2Nikki3Nikki4Nikki5Nikki6Nikki7The Semiotics of Love plays with the work flow found within Graphic Design. The piece comprises of a sketchbook of original graphic motifs created from collages of found material. These original first-hand items are processed from collage to a short run edition of two large scale silkscreen prints. Following this a series of twelve prints each in an edition of 500 copies was produced on the Risograph. These were made to be displayed as mass produced item and taken away on the evening of the exhibition. The value and process of communication within industry was explored playfully and the edition proved very popular- disappearing quickly on the night! Nikki’s work has gone on to reflect further on signs, signifiers and semiotics within Graphic Design and we feel this project is an early incarnation of these considerations.

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DTIFwEB1IMG_5350DTIF4dtif329DOES THE IT FIT is a project by artists Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, originally commissioned by CIRCA Projects then reconfigured, extended and retitled DOES THE IT STICK for a project with Studio Voltaire at Bloomberg Space in London. Foundation Press were asked to print a key text which featured in both the Newcastle and London versions of Tatham and O’Sullivan’s project. DOES THE IT FIT, amongst other things, considers the complex and nuanced relationships between re-generation and art.

Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan have worked collaboratively since 1995 making enigmatic images, sculptural objects and installations. The objects regularly resemble esoteric props from an avant-garde play and are designed to inhabit a range of scenarios activating their surroundings and cajoling the viewer into participating in an absurd kind of theatre.

Image Credit for DOES THE IT STICK Install Views: Dave Morgan

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001a002005008012016In 2012 the University of Sunderland’s Foundation Art & Design course celebrated the creation of its first publication. The project drew the students and staff into an exciting project which involved a broad range of research and discussion resulting in a unique limited edition print object.

The students selected and presented projects from across their Foundation year that they felt were significant in the development of their ideas and processes. The book, produced using Risograph printing by London based Hato Press, was the first object to be created by Foundation Press. A team of six students were commissioned to work on additional editorial content and artwork for the publication, contributing the covers, a scheme of internal motifs and several editorial pages which present experiences from the year that have shaped their research and development. The 300 editions were delivered in pages and bound and editioned by a student production line, ready to be distributed at the opening of the final show.