About Foundation Press

Cover2Foundation Press is a Risograph press and publishing facility run by the Foundation Art and Design Programme at the University of Sunderland. Based within the Foundation course, the press aims to engage both students and practitioners of contemporary art and design in developing new outcomes and initiatives in print.

Visiting practitioners often take part in an ongoing residency programme that involves the students seeing the projects as they develop. In exchange, visitors are given access to the print resources as well as some support and advice from our team of staff. Students develop projects in parallel, with the aim of encouraging research and further involvement in professional practice.

2014 has seen Foundation Press develop projects with artists including Kate Liston, Chris Wilson and Deborah Bower. Editions and publications have also been produced in house for CIRCA projects and Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan. Foundation Press is currently working with NewBridge Books, National Glass Centre and 39 Lime Street as part of the upcoming International Print Biennale – presenting a range of publications, prints and artworks made by students, staff and the collaborative projects of our visiting practitioners.

Foundation Press is a project ran and created by Adam Phillips, Tom Madge and Joe Woodhouse.