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Rhythmic CoverDeb1bDeb3Deb2Deb5Debbie Bower is an artist working in Newcastle, working principally in film and print. She often makes work in collaboration with other artists and has recently completed collaborative projects at residencies at Isis Arts (Newcastle), Cinema Nova (Brussels) and Kottishop (Berlin). Since 2006 Debbie has also been actively involved in the programme at the Star and Shadow Cinema – an independent, volunteer run cinema space in Ouseburn, Newcastle. Debbie is one of the artists who has worked with Foundation Press’ risograph machine since the Press began operating in late 2012. Debbie visited Foundation press in Summer 2013 to develop two zines (‘The Singing Usherette’ and ‘Rhythmic’) for a project with Gateshead Libraries.

She later returned to complete a further publication which had been developed at Kotti-Shop Art Space in Berlin. The publication ‘Two Lakes’ is an interpretative piece of print based upon the 16mm film Two Lakes made by Debbie Bower, Mat Fleming, Amelia Bande and Annette Knol in 2012. Two Lakes is a camera-less film created from piles of luscious colour gels, cut, stuck and manipulated into 16mm film – Bower worked to take the visuals and voiceover from the film into print, layering fields of colour using the risograph machine.


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